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It is a source of great relief to have Stuart Palmer in my neck of the woods.  Whether it's figuring out how to install banjo pick-ups or put railroad spikes in formica fingerboards or overhauling electric guitars, or repairing or setting up acoustics, Stuart is excellent.

By the way, I'm really fussy!

Martin Simpson.

Yes it is true. Stuart Palmer is the best guitar repairer in the UK for sure.    Just fitted a Highlander to my Collings OM......He also did my 001, Gibson SJ45 and Taylor GA-RS....Not only is he good, but he is efficient doing what he says, when he says it. Excellent.

Simon Campbell.

Hello Stuart.

I picked my guitar up today after you had done a fret dress, set up and re-string. So, tonight I decided to re-visit a load of Paul Kossoff's and Jimmy Page's old licks for a bit of fun, (much to my wife's dismay!). Can I say, many thanks for the expert job that you carried out, its like a completely different guitar now and plays and sounds out of this world, just like the one that I owned in the late 70's.

Thanks again, and take care.

David Portz.

Hi Stuart, just to say what a fantastic job you have done on my guitar, you are the man! so glad i took it to you, thanks again.

Robin Wilson.

Stuart has looked after my guitars for nigh on 20 years.  Over that period some of the best guitars in the world have had their ultimate potential realised on my behalf by his "touch".

His repairs display master grade cabinet making skills.  His improvements and set ups exhibit how his artist grade playing, his total knowledge and feel for woods, for sound and tone, when focused on an instrument turn good guitars into unique and great guitars.

His ability to translate the dream of what you want in your head into reality is almost supernatural.  It's not a question of "not trusting" anyone else with my guitars - if the absolute best is available, why look anywhere else? 

Steve White.

I've been lucky enough to be in this business 16 years, working for amongst others the U.K. importers of C.F. Martin.  Stuart was the man I always asked when nobody else could answer my question.

I can think of only a handful of people in the U.K. with his broad spread of expertise.  Not only is his building and repair work top notch, he also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the evolution of our instrument and the woods and techniques used in its construction.  What is even more remarkable about Stuart is that all that expertise and knowledge was shared happily for free, without pomposity and in a straightforward manner.

Now as the U.K. importer of the Japanese maker K Yairi, I use Stuart for all my work and I'm positive you'll be delighted with the man and his work.

Tom Harrison - 440 Distribution.

Stuart - Good luck with the new website.  In case anyone is wondering, Stuart is the best in the business for guitar repairs and maintenance.

He looks after all my guitars, which include vintage Martin's and Gibson's - D45, J200's etc. and also my one of a kind Ren Ferguson custom shop babies.  He has done lots of work for me, from neck resets to standard setups.

I've been playing and collecting acoustic guitars for many, many years and have used many luthiers with varying degrees of success, I know I am very particular and want the best.  After finding Stuart some years ago, I will now trust no one else.  He's good!

Dave, Huddersfield.

I've known Stuart for over 20 years.  He is the only guy I would trust with any type of guitar I own - he is "the master".

Lew Weston.

Stuart carried out an initial examination of my 1971 Martin D35.  There were a number of problems to sort out, i.e. a total ref-ret was required, a new pick-guard to fit, loose binding to re-stick.  But the major problem was a neck which was not quite straight.

We discussed at some length how this might be straightened.  The difficulty with a Martin of this vintage was the lack of an adjustable truss rod.  Stuart initially suggested a complete dismantling of the neck and the fitting of an adjustable truss rod.  After further consideration he decided that the same result might be possible without such drastic measures.

As a result of some imaginative workshop techniques he achieved the object and the neck is considerably improved.  The action is much better and there is a noticeable improvement in the tone and sound of the guitar  All the work was carried out professionally and to the timetable quoted.  Good communications were maintained throughout the process.  I was very pleased with Stuart's work and I highly recommend him.

Andrew Gilliver, Leeds.


Just wanted to thank you in writing for the repair to my cherished workhorse Takamine acoustic.  I thought the fall from the strap might have killed it off.  The repair is virtually invisible, certainly no-one who didn't know there was a diagonal snap and splinter from just behind the nut, removing the headstock completely to behind the third fret, would be non the wiser.

Intensive orthopaedic luthiery has brought the bits back together very successfully considering that it is not a top of the range machine.  However, I bought it in the World Trades Centre in Bangkok some years ago and as such, it has a sentimental value to me far in excess of it's "book price"!  Now its back!

The tactile satin neck finish blends the colour in a light burst to the headstock and the heel and the feel of the instrument is as god as new.  Super job, more power to you!

John Avery.