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Custom Guitar Builds

I can offer a custom-build service for both acoustic and electric guitars and basses.

You have the choice of body style, neck scale length and width, type of woods to be used, trim level and applied finish.

If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch.


Ziricote & Spruce SJ Custom

This is an acoustic guitar that was built from tonewoods.

Ziricote & Spruce OM Custom

More About Custom Builds

I build custom shop acoustic and electric guitars to order.  I can advise on the choice of tone woods, body size/shape and pickup/preamp system (if required) for acoustic guitars to obtain the sound, tone and feel you are looking for.

With custom built electric guitars you have also the choice of pickup systems and configuration.  A very wide range of options are available using both single coil and humbucking or a combination of pickups.  Coil tapping humbuckers is available and also a unique completely variable coil tap system which I have developed which lets you, the player, dial up just the amount of coil tapping you wish to apply to a humbucker pickup.

There is an enormous range of hardware available for guitars - tuners, tremolo arm systems, pots and switches.  Taking my advice when making your choice for your guitar will certainly help you get just the look and feel you have in mind.

If you are contemplating commissioning a custom built guitar please contact me with your requirements to obtain an estimate of cost and build time and also valuable advice on the best way to get exactly what you want in a guitar.

Please remember that there is always a lengthy production time involved in building the guitar of your dreams.  If you want it "just right" you will have to have a good amount of patience - there is no "quick fix" with hand built guitars

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