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Guitar Repairs

Here you will find the most common guitar repairs and typical pricing.

There's not much that I cannot do so if it's not listed here please get in touch.

neck reset

General Repairs & Pricing

I service, repair and restore all the stringed instrument family, not only guitars.  Classical orchestral instruments are catered for together with Lutes, Mandolins and Banjos etc.

For help, advice, estimates, quotations etc. contact me giving as much information as you can about your instrument.  You can attach photographs to e-mails to show more detailed information.

If after initial contact you require a price for work, I will give you an estimate for the job.  A quotation will only be given on inspection of the instrument.

Please remember that I am always busy.  I will always try to help artists with urgent problems, but it does take time to do the job right, especially when using traditional glues and finishes.

Electric Setup

Electric guitar without locking trem                                                                         £40 + strings

Electric guitar with locking trem                                                                             £50 + strings

Bass guitar                                                                                                        £40 + strings


Setups include:

Check hardware, machine heads, bridge,neck bolts, strap buttons etc.

Adjustment of truss rod for correct neck relief.

Re-cut top nut, shim if required.

Set playing action.

Set intonation on strobe tuner.

Clean and lemon oil finger board, polish frets.


Acoustic Setup

Setups include:                                                                                                   £40 + strings

Full assessment of instrument.

Check machine heads and endpin etc.

Adjustment of truss rod for correct neck relief.

Recut top nut.

Adjust bridge saddle for correct playing action,

Clean and lemon oil finger board, polish frets.


Premier Setup

Includes standard setup plus:                                                                                 £90 + strings

Fret-dress using string simulation jig, where
frets are dressed with neck under tension and
in playing position (great for those quirky necks)
achieving the ultimate in playability.

Top nuts

Bone £30 plus material.

Plastic slotted £15 plus material.

Tusk or Graphtech £20 plus material.


Recrown and polish, all types £65 + strings.


Unbound fingerboards £130.

Bound fingerboards £170.

Lacquered fingerboard £175.

Fitting pickups

The prices shown below do not include any modification to the guitar body or pickguard i.e. they are for fitting a replacement pickup or pickups, pots etc. to a guitar and connecting up the wiring harness.  I am quite happy to give prices for guitar body modification to accommodate pickups and switches -  Please contact me for a quote.

Single pickup £30. + pickup.

Two pickups £40. + pickup.

Three pickups £55. + pickup.

Coil taps + £10. per pickup.


Acoustic pickups

Under saddle £50. + pickup.

Under saddle with Pre-Amp EQ £65 + pickup.

Soundhole pickup £30. + pickup.

Replace 5 way or 3 way selector switch

Fender style £25 plus switch.

Gibson style £25 plus switch.

Semi acoustic (ES335, 175 etc.) £50 plus switch.

Replace volume or tone pot

Fit volume or tone pot £15 plus pot.

Fit pot with coil tap etc. £25 plus pot.

Fit pot to semi acoustic (ES335, 175 etc.) £40 plus pot.

Replace jack socket

Replace jack socket £12 plus socket.

Replace jack socket on semi acoustic (ES335 , 175 etc.) £30 plus socket.

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